AmW Midi controller


I cant connect my AmW Midi controller in zrythm. (… I use linux in my productions, and simple the midi is not reconized.
Any sugestion?
Thanks a lot

What MIDI backend are you using? does it work in other programs like Ardour?

In ardour I can select the controller normally… With or whithout jack.
I selected jack midi, jack midi rt, alsa, etc

did you enable the MIDI controller in the preferences?

OMG… now I cant download the DAW in my Linux…
Access to this file has expired. Contact the merchant for access.
So Funny…

there’s a download limit on sendowl. I reset the limit for your order. please save the installer if you want to keep it, it may be deleted in the future when new versions are released

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Ohhh Thanks a lot
Now I `ll try connect my midi on Zrythm

All Right… Ladies and Gentleman we have a sound LOL.
Thank you dude

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