Auto-sync Audio Clips to the Tempo

I am not sure if this is supported already, but I am going to assume it is not, and probably isn’t on a priority list. But I want to double check.

I have a few WAV Drum Loops, that are at a specific tempo.

One thing that I love about Ableton Live, is when I drop one of these drum loops into the session, it automatically picks up what BPM (tempo) the WAV file is in, and I am able to sync it to the rest of my project.

So if the WAV file is at 90BPM, the program picks it up. And I am able to change the tempo in my session, to say 100BPM and the WAV file will change as well, without affecting the pitch.

I also use that feature with existing songs. I drop the song into Ableton, and it picks up the tempo, and I am able to slow down the song, or speed it up. I use that alot when recording covers.

Ableton is the only that I have seen who does this just by dropping in the WAV file.

But I can be wrong.

I thought I throw this out there as a suggestion. But I understand if its not priority.

Thanks for your work Alex.

this was already implemented at some point but it’s currently disabled or broken.

one of the things missing from libre audio is a fast time stretcher that can be used in real time. ableton and other DAWs use elastique, which is proprietary. in the free world we only have rubberband (Rubber Band Audio Time Stretcher Library) and it’s not as fast for real time stretching IIRC (also many people say it doesn’t produce quality results). I think this was one of the issues with this feature.

it’s also tricky to get this to work with BPM automation without lags so I’m putting this off for now, will re-enable it maybe after v1 when I figure out a better way to do it. until then, you can use the stretch tool to stretch regions manually (if it’s not broken)

I’ll try to stretch it manually. Thanks!

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So the time stretching does the job for me. I wasn’t aware you could do this in other daws aswell. Thanks for that tip.

But now I am running into the opposite issue.

Now when ever I change the bpm in the transport section, it seems that the audio file (wav) tries to stretch automatically.

No matter how many audio files I have in the session it does this to all of them.

Is there a way to toggle this off?

I tried this in new sessions, but still running into the same issue.

Musical mode is turned off.

Thank you for your help.

sounds like a bug, when musical mode is off (I will make it permanently off for v1 most probably) it should not attempt to stretch. I made a new bug report to remind me to fix this: ~alextee/zrythm-bug#401: audio region auto-stretches on bpm change when musical mode is off — sourcehut todo

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