Before I buy and download, will it run on macOS Mojave?

I notice that the Download sections mentions macOS Catalina 10.15 as being supported. I’m still on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave at the moment. Am I going to be out of luck?

I’m not 100% sure. I think it should work, although the MacOS version is the least tested (we have no active/regular testers and most of our users use GNU/Linux or Windows). I would ask you to try the trial first but I think the MacOS install script for the trial is broken at the moment, so it’s probably better to wait a few releases until we get it working properly

Thanks for the reply Alex! I tried the trial as you suggested, but there did indeed seem to be some problems with the installer script. No worries, though. I’ve subscribed to the mailing list so hopefully future releases will be a bit better behaved :wink:

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Well that was a mistake! I thought I’d try the installer once more, if nothing else just to see exactly where it fell over and to provide you with some feedback.

Now, the installer has been running for the best part of an hour and is updating things like Node and MS SQL Server and tons of other things I didn’t ask for.

When I run an installer script, I really would prefer if it didn’t try to install the entire catalog of HomeBrew apps and risk destabilising my previously stable computer :open_mouth:

I’ve cancelled the terminal session, but now I suspect I’ve got a whole host of cruft that I don’t need and didn’t ask for.

yeah it needs to install the whole homebrew stack and then it installs zrythm from source as a homebrew package. I had to resort to that because it was impossible to debug zrythm using the Application thing. MacOS is really horrible when it comes to letting you do what you want. on other platforms i can install whatever I want wherever I want, but MacOS has lots of restrictions that makes this really hard to do with an installer (and most of it is undocumented - the only thing I can do is just copy stuff from other GNOME projects and try it and pray it works, very time consuming and annoying)

there aren’t that many users either so it’s not profitable for me, so I have little motivation to spend time on it right now, but maybe I will work on a proper installer some time during beta

I wrote a proper installer now (.pkg). should be available in next release, but needs testing