Demo version installation fails

Hello! Thank you for your hard work, i really appreciate that. In a week or a couple I want to buy a beta bundle package to support your work, but firstly i have decided to install a demo of your DAW via a shell script in the folder of the 0.8.911 version, which returned an error.

GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
standard bla-bla-bla about updating my Ubuntu sources list
cannot access archive ‘bin/ubuntu1804/zrythm-0.8.911-1_amd64.deb’: no such file or directory

Is this an installer bug or something? Runs the installation normally in the full version?

hi, thanks!

that’s strange, I can see that file is present in the zip, and I just tried it in an ubuntu 18.04 VM and it worked. I suspect you’re running from another directory? try to cd first inside the directory the installer is in, then do ./

let me know if you’re still having problems

Yes thanks, it was a bug. Your software looks quite stable, especially for an alpha version. Way better than ardour, which crashes every 5 minutes. If there was a way to specify a custom VST folder, it would be ideal.

you can use VST_PATH for that: