Disable plugin scan on startup

I compiled zrythm with carla and on nearly every startup it does a complete scan (+ processing checks?) of all plugins, this takes ages to complete.

Please add an option to disable the scan, even if just a cli argument.
Best would be to allow the user to re-run the scan from the UI manually. So at least startup doesn’t take several minutes when you have a lot of plugins.

Re-scanning after startup will take some work to implement and there’s higher priority tasks atm.

there was a bug where every time you install it it would destroy the cache file. this is fixed in master and it should use the caches after the first scan

see the highlighted “Tip” here Scanning for Plugins — Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.11.1.1 documentation
you can pass NO_SCAN_PLUGINS=1

Yay! this will make repeated testing much nicer. And faster startup will be great.

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