Does Zchordz work on other Linux based daws?

As someone that knows how to play the keyboard at an intermediate level, Zchordz helps me not overthink what scale I should use when I am songwriting, or creating beats. Perhaps I may never touch a black key again during my songwriting process.

When I try to use Zchordz in Ardour, Bitwig or Carla, it seems that there is a routing issue.

In Carla when I route Zchordz to a Synth using the built in Patchbay, it gives me no sound.

In bitwig or Ardour, when I try to use Zchordz as a Midi effect, I simply get no sound every time. I am pretty confident that I am using it as it should.

I am not sure if Zchordz is only intended to be used with Zrythm (where it works great).

It would be great if Zchordz was actually a Standalone plugin. Where I can launch Zchordz and route the midi out into the midi in of any daw. This would insure that all notes played on that daw are at the scale that was set.

This would allow this plugin to be used on LMMS where it doesn’t support Midi Effects Plugins.

all zrythm plugins should work on LV2 hosts implementing the spec. ZChordz is a bit unusual in that it has 2 atom input ports: one for notifications and one for MIDI. hosts should check if the port supports MIDI before connecting to it, but a lot of hosts are simplistic and just connect to the first atom port found. this was the issue with Zrythm too that I fixed

TL;DR: it should work and if it doesn’t it’s an ardour/carla bug. please report it to them

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