First installation on windows, stuck on "scanned VST plugin"

Hi there, wanted to try this daw. I downloaded the trial and installed. First start it asked me what audio driver to use etc and started a scanning for vsts. It is stuck. Tried to delete the plugin it was stuck on and reopen but it still stucks on an other plugin. Rebooting did nothing. While stuck I recorded an high cpu usage.

Edit: I renamed the VST2 fodler — so that zrythm wouldn’t scan it — and it worked.

note that the plugin shown in the splash screen is the plugin that was previously scanned, not the plugin currently being scanned (the plugin needs to get scanned first to get its name).

I would check in the logs to find which plugin it got stuck on. the log file should be under the “log” directory in your zrythm user directory (under app data local by default on windows, for example C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Zrythm\log\...)