How do you use Zchordz Plugin in Zrythm?

I am trying to figure out how to route Zchords to an LV2 instrument. What is the best way to configure it.

Basically I want to play a note, and feed it through Zchordz, and then Zchordz sends the midi signal to my LV2 Plugin.

Thank you in advanced. :slight_smile:

you can create an instrument track (by double clicking an instrument in the plugin browser) and then you can drop ZChordz in the MIDI FX section of the track’s inspector. then all your midi notes will be passed through ZChordz and then to the instrument plugin

this was broken however and I just discovered it thanks to your question. just fixed it

Awesome! Was the updated version released? Tried it on my end but when I add the Zchordz to the MidiFX it makes the instrument plugin go silent.

it should be available for subscribers:

Found it! It works now!

Thank you for the fix.

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