issue: I had to manually install ZPlugins

Today I purchased the subscription plan for Zrythm downloads and I ran the installer script. Zrythm installed just fine. Then, when the installer asked me to install the ZPlugins, I said yes. The installer responded with “Zplugins installed successfully” even though it looked like nothing happened in my terminal window.

When I opened Zrythm and looked for the zplugins, they were not there - I was able to find them in the /bin/ubuntu2004 folder and manually copy them to my /usr/lib/lv2 folder. Now they are available, but I haven’t had a chance to test them yet.

I am very excited to support this awesome project!


I plan to include the plugins in the zrythm package in future versions anyway. working on it

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done, the next packages will include the plugins

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