Issue in HiDPI with the time bar

Hello again,

So I have a display issue on my 4K laptop, the time bar is way too big:

thanks I made an issue to track this:

Great! I’ll follow that.

As an additional info the scaling is at 200% in my Windows display settings.

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BTW if I encounter other issues, do I post first in the forum or do I have to create an account on SourceHut to post there?

bug reports and feature requests should go to sourcehut, other discussion should go to forums/chatrooms/mailing lists

you don’t need an account btw, you can send a bug report via email if you prefer: (click where it says "submit via email)

When Zrythm crashes it should show you a dialog with a template to copy and paste into bug reports and a link to open up your email client with the template. use whichever you prefer

Ok, thanks, in the end I have created an account on sourcehut.


fixed both issues (small icons & large font), should be fixed in next release

I’ll check that and let you know.

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Looks good to me. I did not noticed any scaling issue so far with 11.0.2.

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