Live looping and midi cc output

Hi, is it possible to live loop audio &| midi in zrythm? What i have in my mind is having linear timeline (like it has now) but being able to set looping region and start to record audio &| midi at the start of the loop region, then stop recording at the end of the loop region and start to loop playback what has been recorded until say looping is disabled. And maybe even have several looping markers for several looping spots in a song. Would it be possible to do it in current version or at least would it be possible to implement it in (near) future release?

And also - is it possible or would it be possible to send midi CC messages to midi capable gear connected to computer?

I have a hardware guitar looper (tc electronic ditto x4) for guitar and bass looping and also use midi keyboard for synths and my goal is to be able to pre-arange song structure with the possibility to send midi cc record and play to ditto at certain points of the song and also to loop what i’m playing on the keyboard.

Or even something like having one loop region and several tracks (audio &| midi, one of them sending midi cc to ditto) with the possibility to start and stop recording just at the beginning of next loop round if that makes sense. Is/would it be possible?

Thank you.


this does not sound user friendly enough to ever implement. I don’t think we should complicate recording for most users who won’t use this feature. There’s probably better ways to do it, but after v1 or (even after v2). Our top priority is to make a DAW for making music - I understand a lot of people want something for live performances too but that will be done much later, after Zrythm is stable and usable for making music.

I think you can do this with JACK and midi tracks, but the only CCs you can automate atm are pitch bend and mod wheel

Screenshot from 2020-09-30 15-55-41

if you connect MIDI Track 1/MIDI out to your device it should send the mod wheel events there. if it doesn’t please send a bug report

if your use case is to just allow more CCs to be automatable, please make a feature request on redmine

this sounds too complicated. anyway, I’m not interested at all in looking this up at this stage. I will look into live performances after v1 (or v2)