LV2 plugins cannot open files

I tried two plugins: liquidsfz and sfizz. Both shows the open file dialog but when I open the file it is not really opening anything. It only simulates as if it was opened but does nothing. The filename on the edit box is changed but the sound on the plugin is the default sine wave. And when I close and open newly the plugin’s window it does not show the filename anymore on the edit box. So clearly it does not open the file but that plugins are working very well on carla alone or LMMS with carla.

And when I use Carla as plugin the file open dialog never shows up. I click a lot of time over the button but the open file dialog never is executed. So clearly there are some problem related with how Zrythm uses a filesystem.

How to open sfz files directly with Zrythm?


thanks for reporting this, i made an issue on our bug tracker:

you need to compile Zrythm with carla (meson build -Dcarla=enabled) if you are compiling yourself (the precompiled binaries include it).

then you can set the paths to scan SFZ/SF2 soundfonts in the preferences:

they will appear as instruments when you restart Zrythm

this should be fixed now with 99817baf9b47168c2b7c0e3260acad2b8363ea6a

let me know if you still have issues