No sound from MIDI track

when i try to play something, like a midi note, there is no sound. i have jack on my system and the sound server set to jack in the settings.

i tried disabling realtime in qjackctl, as in this post: No sound on ubuntu 19.10 but that didn’t work.

can you describe what you are doing in more detail please, maybe take a screencast or a screenshot?

also do other JACK apps work? is the JACK server running?

thanks for responding!

yes, my jack server is running, and other applications do work

what i’m trying to do is put an instance of helm in a midi channel and play it, i have a screenshot here:

as you can see, i’m pressing a key, and the synth is running, but it seems it doesn’t go to the master bus, as the oscilloscope in the corner isn’t doing anything

edit: clarification, i am using the full version, so i can’t account for it going silent as in the trial

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ohmygod i feel so dumb

i was putting the plugins in the inserts, i didn’t know i was supposed to put them in the timeline by dragging them into it

no offense to you, but i feel like this should be a little more obvious

thanks for your help tho!! hopefully this helps noobs like me

yeah that’s not how MIDI tracks are supposed to work in Zrythm. you are looking for an instrument track. see these sections in the manual:

the TL;DR is that MIDI tracks receive MIDI input and produce MIDI output, while instrument tracks receive MIDI input and produce audio output. as you already figured out to create an instrument track you can either double click Helm in the plugin browser or drag it into empty space in the tracklist or mixer

no offense to you, but i feel like this should be a little more obvious

yeah I’m trying to think of a way to make this more obvious. at first people don’t even know that there is an “instrument track”. maybe show a warning when you drop an instrument onto a MIDI track’s inserts