Ressources bundled with zrythm

Hi there,
one thing I love about proprietary software is that they come with (mostly) curated presets. Be it sounds/one shots, internal synths presets, audio plugins presets etc. The idea behind is that you can just grab the software and create directly some music without having a lot of plugins or whatever. It also helps composers mixing better (select the vocal comp preset) or musician with little experience in sound design

Would it be something interesting for zrythm? Would it be even possible to bundle some one shots and drum kits (in sfz format?) in order to get started a bit faster? a bit like the z-plugins, something optionnal to install but with the possibility to get started faster.
I know the linux ecosystem has tons of ressources, but having a starter set might appeal to some musicians, just like ardour has a plugin starter pack with commonly used plugins.

yeah this is definitely something we’d want to do in the future. maybe we can do this just before v1, or for v2

if you have some suggestions on freely licensed resources that we should include, or if you have your own presets please share! the only requirement is that they should be under a license that allows redistribution (including modified versions) and no limits on how you can use them (requiring attribution is fine)

i will make a repository for resources like soundpacks and presets once people start contributing/sharing some and then i can include that with the installers

EDIT: I think we should rebrand whatever resources we use and carefully select which ones to include. The Z-plugins are basically soundpipe modules rebranded. I plan to borrow a couple of plugins from ardour too

Rebranding is a good idea, so I agree with checking the licence.
I’m creating some presets (for helm at the moment) and sound packs (already created some risers and I’m on my way to some nice synth drums one shots and drum kits).
And it has to be nicely curated, selecting the best 100 is better than a 1000 :nauseated_face: ones.

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I agree. we can do polls here I think to get everyone’s opinion on what to include