Should use Matomo analytics?

Hi all,

I am thinking to add analytics to the Zrythm website to learn what pages people come from and what pages they visit the most inside our website, and also to get an idea of how many people visit the site.

Do you think it’s acceptable to use Matomo analytics?

  • Yes (opt-out)
  • No
  • Only if it respects DoNotTrack

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Matomo is a perfect choice, if you can afford hosting it yoursef. But please consider the different methods:

  • JavaScript tracking.
  • JavaScript tracking with coockies.
  • LogFile analysis.

I suggest the last one. Should be enough information for your case, and as far as I know you must not ask for consent in a banner, just put that i to a privacy page.

And it should definately be Opt-Out…

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i’m leaning towards javascript tracking without cookies (it has a fallback too if javascript is off). i plan to install matomo on another server so sharing logs will be a bit of a pain. apparently no consent is required if there are no cookies besides mentioning it in the privacy policy

Okey I See. Then I advice to use the setting for respecting “Please do not track”. Matomo includes it. Furthermore Matomo also includes an iframe for opt-out. You can paste this into your privacy page.

But I love that you ask the community anyway :slight_smile:

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thanks for the info/feedback!