[SOLVED][Windows] Crash silently on startup

Hi, I just took subscription to try out Zrythm, but I cannot get it to start. It crashes on startup without displaying anything, not even an error message. Tried launching from the console but no error printed there too. Tried older versions, same issue. Don’t know how to debug that, any help appreciated.

can you please post the log file? it should be under your Zrythm directory, I think under %APPDATA%/Local/zrythm/log by default

Thanks for the answer, so I reinstalled it as I could not find the log folder (probably deleted when uninstalling) and this time Zrythm just launch without any issue. Don’t know what was wrong, did not restarted the computer between. I however have another issue, but I will make another thread for it as it is not related.

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