State of documentation

Great documentation is important to great projects.
So how does everyone here find zrythm user doc?
What are elements that are missing?
How can we improve it?

I find it quite exhaustive but a bit dry. Some parts may be unclear.

@alex, where do you need help in regards to the doc?


What are elements that are missing?

there are few new feature missing, and details in many places. I do my best do document everything but I haven’t touched it lately.

you can help by explaining things better or adding missing things! it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a thing that can constanly be improved.

you can click “view source” at the top of each page at and you can see which file it is in the source code. you can then edit that file and either send a patch if you know how to make one, or just send me the edited file and i’ll add it. please post any patches or edited files on redmine using the “Support” tracker:

you can also help by translating existing documentation on weblate:

if you need help or need to discuss, just come to matrix or IRC (or you can ask questions here)

How to make a patch

  1. clone the zrythm repository:
git clone
  1. edit the file, for example doc/user/scripting/examples.rst (remember to add your copyright notice at the top, like Copyright (C) 2020 First Name Last name)
git diff > my-change.patch

I should probably explain how to make patches somewhere, maybe in

I spent a lot of time updating the manual lately, and adding TODOs on things that need clarification. Would be great if you could have a look again and let me know what’s unclear/missing.


That’s a huuuuge improvement. It’s just exactly what I personally was missing.
For example, I really like the fact you make clear what kind of track is used for what. It’s much easier to understand the track structure and decisions behind.
The to-do are a clear help and it’s great to clearly know what’s still work in progress.

Kudos for taking care of your software, your documentation and the users.

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