Suggestion: Make the main toolbar text based?

The top main tool bar where it says: Edit, Project, View, Help

As someone who is pretty new to this software I have noticed my workflow is so used to the toolbar as a text based version. I’ve noticed my workflow is tremendously slowed down when ever I need to go to the toolbar.

Some icons are pretty obvious to what they do. But some I have to use the tooltip more than I’d like.

A traditional text based menu section would make it easier to quickly scan and see what you need from there, instead of having to hover over each icon to view the tooltip. Maybe have an option for both?

This suggestion is probably not as important as other issues, but just thought I’d throw it in the suggestion box.

Thanks for your time.

I’ll probably never do this. unnecessary text is distracting when composing (for me at least). once you get used to the icons it makes working faster IMO

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also consider future tablet support, etc.

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You’re right. I am getting using to the toolbar. Been using the program more and more, and loving it more by the day.

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