Unimpressed; long VST scans, crashing, errors

So I just started this program.
I have tons of VST plugins Mostly VST2 but also VST3, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Zrythm seems to be “Skipping” almost all of them. Of course, I’m using Windows.

Yet it’s taking like 5 minutes to start the application. For plugins that it won’t even use.

When it finally opened, I was greeted with two ‘non-fatal’ errors. I bug reported it, maybe those hexadecimal values are helpful.

I wanted to use the setBfree LV2 plugin, simply to see how it works; it only comes in LV2.

The main reason I tried Zrythm is because of LV2 support, no other DAWs support it aside from Ardour, and you might imagine its workflow is an acquired taste that I could not endure within in its 10 minute demo limit. I couldn’t open the GUI of the LV2 plugin in Ardour, and I couldn’t figure out how to delete Channel 10 of a MIDI track, or assign setBfree to an existing track.

So I moved on to Zrythm. It showed the LV2 plugin GUI, nice. I could hit a few keys on the GUI and inside the piano roll, but my MIDI controller didn’t make a sound.

So I tried to drag a MIDI file over. “Can’t load MIDI on existing tracks”, it said. So I loaded the MIDI as a new track, but I couldn’t set that track to a plugin.

After fiddling around, I’d get countless “non-fatal” errors when doing various things, notably hitting notes on the piano roll trying to get some audio output from the plugin.

Eventually it just decided to crash, and stopped responding and closed itself. All in all, a good evaluation period.

If you think your software is worth money, you should hope it can compete in practice.

Please Keep in mind that Zrythm is still in alpha, and the installer comes with no garanty.
If you need help getting things working you can always ask ( however don’t forget that there still work in progress features and stability).
I hope you can work something out, and please stay respectful and mindful of others and their work towards this software, thank you, this is a community project after all :slight_smile:

Ah I did not realize it was alpha, hopefully a bright future is ahead.

thanks for the feedback. as noted, it’s still in alpha. the purchases/donations are mostly for supporting development. also, windows and macos-specific problems are generally lower priority but we’ll do our best to fix them eventually.

Zrythm uses Carla (https://kx.studio/Applications:Carla) for VST2 and VST3 plugins. VST2 is generally a problematic format (and also proprietary), and VST3 is only recently implemented in Carla, so please give it some time to improve. the current builds also use an unreleased version of Carla so it’s not as stable.

This is a problem with the VST format in general. You need to actuall run the plugin to get information about it, which is a very bad idea from a technical point of view (some plugins crash, some plugins take too long to respond, etc.). LV2 plugins take a few seconds to scan, even if you have thousands, because their metadata is stored in easily-parsable RDF files. We recommend using LV2 on every platform, although not many LV2 plugins offer builds for windows/macos at the moment.

what MIDI backend are you using? normally your controller should automatically connect when you arm a midi or instrument track for recording. you can also choose your keyboard in the inspector after you select the track. do you see your keyboard there?

Screenshot from 2020-08-29 17-31-13

MIDI files can contain multiple tracks so that’s why you can only drag them in empty space (to let them create as many tracks as they need). In zrythm, MIDI tracks and instrument tracks are different things. your plugin is most likely on an instrument track, and you’d need to route your MIDI tracks to it from the mixer or inspector:

Screenshot from 2020-08-29 17-17-43

you can also just move (drag) the regions you want to the instrument track

this is because we are still in alpha (almost beta) and there’s still lots of bugs. you can help by reporting them when the error window shows up. when you click the “submitting a bug report” link in the error window, it will include part of the log and a backtrace which are helpful in figuring out what went wrong. steps to reproduce from a new project are very helpful as well

Why can’t you scan the plugins manually. And then first starting Zrythm. And then you can also choose which plugins types you want to scan.
Maybe even one plugin at a time.

too much work for something that’s not important. the scan only happens once anyway, it doesn’t attempt to scan the same plugins every time, they are cached.

re: scanning while zrythm is running
this can be done later, definitely not a high priority at all