What is the best way to load a soundfont (sf2) into Zrythm?

I am currently using Carla to run my sf2. Does Zrythm have a native way of loading sf2 sounds? Or what is a lightway of loading sf2 sounds?

Thank you :slight_smile:

So I just figured out that under the settings section, there is section where you can enter your soundfont path.

Unfortunately when I try to load any soundfont (sf2), it crashes the program. So I am assuming it’s not working at the moment.

there were some changes with how SF2s are handled recently which caused some regressions, can you try again on latest build please (zrythm_1.0.0.alpha.13.1.1.r40)?

For some reason I only see r34 in the download page. I am a subscriber. So I am using the sendowl link.

r40 should be there now

Awesome! Tried it. And for some reason I am still getting the same issue.

I tried different sf2 sounds.

I am the one that created the bug report where you said you didn’t see anything within the bug report to indicate something was failing.

And you weren’t able to replicate the issue.

I do want to say that it’s not essential at the moment, since I can use soundfonts in Carla. Which is good enough for me.

Thanks for your work!

hmm I will try to play around with it on various distros to see if I can reproduce it. I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for reporting it :+1:

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