Windows installer failure 1.0.0.alpha.11.0.2-ms-setup.exe

Hello there!
Today i tried to install Zrythm with Windows installer, but i got the following error:


Am I the only one to have this issue?
Note that i try to install on second hard drive which is not not primary and i’m perplex about this permission denied since i launch the installer with admin priviligege.

Greatly appreciate your help!

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be supported, normally you would install it in C:/Program Files. I don’t know much about Windows and there’s almost zero documentation/information online for this use case so there’s not much I can do.

I just noticed you have the installer in E. maybe move the installer to C temporarily and then delete it when done?

I was able to install to a different folder under C:\ but I did not try installing to a different drive letter.

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Well, finally i was able able to install v1.0.0.alpha.13.0.4 release on my e: drive. Really don’t know what has gone wrong in the first place. Maybe, as i saw in other issue, jack audio was not installed on my PC at this time.