Windows version fails quietly without JACK

I tested the paid beta bundle installer on Windows 10. Here is what happens:

  • The installer works fine
  • Trying to run the software fails silently

I also tried installing older versions: there was no change. Eventually I stumbled upon a forum thread asking about JACK and installed that—Zrythm will start here.

It appears without JACK installed there is a crash, even when JACK is not being used, but:

  1. The installer will happily install the software without any mention of this requirement, and,
  2. The software offers no notice that JACK is required but missing,

hi, thanks for reporting this, will fix it soon: ~alextee/zrythm-bug#351: windows installer version crashes if jack not installed — sourcehut todo

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@icedquinn could you please send the log file from the crash (if any)? it should be under “log” under your Zrythm user dir (Glossary — Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.13.0.4 documentation)

It didn’t create a user folder until after I installed JACK. (it then did the setup wizard in greek even though i picked english, but that’s a… separate issue.)

oh it looks like it crashes early then. I’ll try to see if I can replicate this

I thought I fixed this in 1.0.0-alpha.13.0.4, I assume you’re talking about the previous version

No, latest version I installed did this. Not sure if I’ll be able to replicate by uninstalling/reinstalling.

I think it may have reused the bad setting from the previous installer. zrythm settings stay in the registry. a fresh install after cleaning the registry entries should work. good reminder to write a section in the manual about the registry: ~alextee/zrythm-feature#286: add windows registry section in user manual — sourcehut todo