Zrythm 0.8.333 release

Zrythm 0.8.333 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Add MIDI FX section in track inspector
  • Add comment field in track inspector (WIP)
  • Remember reveal status of track inspector sections
  • Zrythm is now user themable on XDG base dir-compliant systems ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/zrythm/theme.css)
  • Add button to export routing graph as image or dot graph
  • Add MIDI pitch bend and modwheel automatables to MIDI-capable tracks


  • Make gtksourceview mandatory
  • Instruments go on a special slot instread of in the inserts
  • Don’t allow plugins with non-matching output type in channel slots
  • Channel sends now work as single stereo/MIDI bundle instead of separate ports
  • Zrythm theme is now installed externally instead of bundled as a resource
  • Bug reports now include last few lines of log
  • Process automation when the control port is processed instead of collectively at the start of each cycle


  • Deprecate VST support without carla


  • Fix VST plugins not scanned in distros whose libdir name is not lib
  • Fix first MIDI note ignored on Windows during export
  • Fix edit cursor positioning

Note: this release broke the theme on Windows/MacOS. It will be fixed by the next release.

Note2: the trial installers seem to be broken on Debian-based distros.

Hey Alex,
I just upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, and now the previously installed version of zrythm doesn’t start, and the installer (0.8.298) won’t run, because it’s an unknown version of linux.

I assume that the 0.8.333 version has a similar problem, but I can’t download it, because I waited too long (4 days?). Since the downloads are only being sent out every week or 3, do you reckon you could extend the time limit on them for a bit longer? A week would guarantee that everyone gets some weekend time to download them.

@naught101 welcome!

I’ve just removed the time limit and it should now allow up to 5 download attempts with unlimited time. If it still doesn’t work please let me know.

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