Zrythm 0.8.378 release

Zrythm 0.8.378 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog .


  • Add AU, VST2, VST3 support for MacOS
  • Add SFZ and SF2 support
  • Option to bridge unsupported UIs as an external process


  • Automation curves are now grabbable only if the cursor is near them
  • Project backups are now saved asynchronously
  • Show localized strings with -p --pretty
  • Show switches instead of checkboxes for toggle ports in generic UIs
  • Use Guile to generate gsettings schema
  • Use meson features instead of booleans for optional dependencies
  • Generate preferences window automatically
  • Use system locale on first run
  • Change default Zrythm path to XDG data home specification
  • Change libcyaml dependency version to allow newer versions
  • Update Japanese, Galician, German, Spanish, Chinese translations


  • Fix using incorrect paths on Windows/MacOS
  • Fix moving multiple automation points setting them all to the same value
  • Fix deleting instrument track not deleting instrument UIs
  • Fix MIDI FX ports not being added to routing graph
  • Fix crash on systems with > 16 CPU cores
  • Fix generic UI windows being shrinkable beyond control visibility

After installing on Kubuntu 20.04 with the installer, I can’t run zrythm. if I run in the console, I get this:

zrythm: symbol lookup error: zrythm: undefined symbol: jack_client_stop_thread

possibly a mixup with jack1/jack2. will investigate soon

I removed that function now (used pthread_join () instead) since it’s only available in jack2 it seems. should not cause problems again.

Ah, I upgraded to jack2 just now, and that also worked. cadence was also not working with jack1. I haven’t been following jack development, so I’m not sure what the best course of action is there…

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jack1 and jack2 API/ABI is compatible afaik, except a few functions like the one you mentioned. cadence only works with jack2 because it uses dbus iirc