Zrythm 0.8.459 release

Zrythm 0.8.459 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Add real time display to playhead meter
  • Add error handling when project fails to load
  • Add missing actions in automation editor
  • Add undoable region stretching and related cursors
  • Add option to return to cue point on stop
  • Add integration test for loading and playing back MIDI files
  • Add CLI commands to convert between .zpj and .yaml


  • Don’t attempt to draw fades if there are none
  • Huge update of the user manual
  • Update French, Japanese translations
  • Use a semaphore to lock port operations during do/undo
  • Make free_later() traverse the stack in a non-GTK thread to avoid UI freezes when many objects are free’d
  • Bridge all GTK/Qt plugin UIs with carla
  • Auto-generate list of translators for about dialog from the TRANSLATORS file
  • Cache drawing of audio regions to prevent freezes when multiple regions are on the screen
  • Update build instructions for Windows
  • Use zstd to compress Zrythm project files


  • Remove cached positions from arranger objects
  • Remove breeze icons from distribution (now a runtime dependency)


  • Fix sends being lost when moving tracks
  • Fix extension not properly extracted for filenames with multiple dots
  • Fix VST scanning in user home dir
  • Fix gcc 10 warnings/errors
  • Fix various issues with LV2 plugins loaded through carla
  • Fix bounce on tracks with carla plugins
  • Fix MIDI note off occasionally ignored
  • Fix snap points not being updated when BPM changes
  • Fix build with RtAudio but without RtMidi
  • Fix rtaudio input devices with the same name being string-matched as the selected output device
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