Zrythm 0.8.535 release

Zrythm 0.8.535 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Add image-missing fallback if icon is not found
  • Add build flag for extra optimizations
  • Show red reading in meters if peak above 0db, grey otherwise
  • Show native CPU usage meter on MacOS
  • Show build type in --version
  • Add VCS tag fallback version if git is not found
  • Make BPM changes undoable
  • Make changing the automation curve algorithm undoable
  • Show chord notes in chord editor lanes
  • Show color gradient in meters


  • Fallback to older compression API if zstd version is lower than 1.3
  • Don’t attempt to build manpage on windows
  • Update French, Portuguese, Galician translations
  • Log to stderr until log file is initialized
  • Ask for LV2 plugin latency by passing block length instead of 2 samples
  • Underscorify and simplify build flags
  • Don’t allow multiple preferences windows
  • Use LINGUAS file to determine available locales for meson
  • Open KX external UIs with carla
  • Make markers, chords and scales rounded rectangles
  • Use peak meter in mixer channels and RMS meter for master with falloffs (algorithms from x42 meters)
  • Chord editor now has 12 fixed chord slots
  • Accents in the chord creator are now toggled on single click
  • Only resize audio regions when BPM change is completed (in musical mode)
  • Use MPMC queue instead of a stack for queueing up objects to be deleted with free_later()


  • Deprecate libgtop support


  • Fix zstd library discovery
  • Fix setting integers on gsettings keys expecting booleans
  • Fix CPU meter on windows
  • Fix various crashes with chord editor
  • Fix freezes when using RtMidi on Windows
  • Fix various MacOS issues
  • Fix scales not saved properly
  • Fix moving tracks clearing regions of tracks being moved
  • Fix undo/redo when moving tracks
  • Fix MIDI note on incorrectly being fired at transport loop point