Zrythm 0.8.757 release

Zrythm 0.8.757 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • New dependency: reproc
  • Add None output to direct outs
  • Add test for finding installed LV2 plugins
  • Add test for copying plugins
  • Add VST tests


  • Bump meson version requirement to 0.55.0 (for reproc cmake subproject)
  • Use reproc to run processes with timeout instead of glib
  • Updated German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French translations
  • Change trial period to 30 minutes
  • Do soft graph recalculation when plugin latency changes (wait for pause if playing)
  • Don’t save log contents in memory
  • Use GtkSourceView for log viewer
  • Use shared lib when linking tests (dramatically improves linking time)
  • Don’t show backtraces in the log file
  • Let children signals pass through when group track is soloed
  • Show latencies in exported graphs
  • Do not recompute JACK latencies during plugin processing
  • Show warning instead of critical when carla plugin discovery fails


  • Fix carla rack not being instantiated as an instrument on the track
  • Fix arranger selections not being initialized for some actions
  • Fix multiple non-fatal errors on windows on first run
  • Fix VST scan sometimes hanging on Windows
  • Fix crash when muting instrument tracks
  • Fix LV2 plugin ports with URI parameter throwing warnings
  • Fix child tracks not being disconnected or reconnected when deleting a group track and undoing
  • Fix sends not being removed/readded when deleting the target track and undoing
  • Fix sends being lost on undo after sending track is deleted
  • Fix custom port connections not being restored when undoing track deletion
  • Fix Carla plugin UIs not being shown on top
  • Fix DSP thread becoming deadlocked when nodes with playback latency exist
  • Fix metronome occasionally receiving invalid positions
  • Fix recording action not being free’d on exit (causing warnings)
  • Fix issue when loading project with Noisemaker VST
  • Fix direct outs not being updated properly when moving/duplicating/deleting tracks
  • Fix playback latencies not being calculated properly
  • Fix number of frames miscalculation when starting playback when playback latencies exist
  • Fix duplicated plugin not being activated
  • Fix plugin identifier not being taken into account when searching for automation tracks from a port
  • Fix piano roll port not being connected to track processor in the graph

Cant wait to test it !!


Hi,I am new here. And would like to get started with the macOS and Zrythm. But Zrythm gets no further than scanning the plugins. I am using the newest macOs version and the newest version of Zrythm.

Does anyone know what that can be?

greetings Tonie.

@ToneFreak welcome!

can you please post the full output you see on the console when you run zrythm?

@ToneFreak I just replicated it! will fix it by the next version

Thanks Alex, sorry i didn’t make an example. family life :woozy_face::+1:t2:

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no worries! fixed already. i’ll release a new version in a few days.

@ToneFreak new version is out! should be fixed, let me know if the problem persists