Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.0.1.1 release

Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.0.1.1 has been released!

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Increase open file limit on app startup
  • Show popup when JACK shuts down
  • Add test for deleting plugins
  • Add more meson subprojects
  • Allow renaming regions
  • Add option to build with static libs where possible
  • Add option to get Carla bridge/discovery binaries from custom dirs
  • Add GOVERNANCE document
  • Add framework for MIDI functions (such as legato)
  • Allow changing track color and icon
  • Add versioning info in PACKAGING.md
  • Add toolbar to modulators with show UI/delete buttons
  • Remember clip visibility status in the clip editor and scroll positions in each arranger when saving/loading projects


  • Show underlying backends instead of RtAudio/RtMidi
  • Place bounced material where the first region starts if bouncing regions
  • Revise Trademark Policy
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) translations
  • Rework snap options
  • Update Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (traditional) translations
  • Use new carla-host-plugin dependency instead of carla standalone, carla utils and carla native plugin
  • Improve fftw dependency discovery
  • Show icons in piano roll highlight combo box
  • Show “(pw)” indicator if JACK is running through PipeWire
  • Do nothing when duplicate action is invoked with nothing selected
  • Use whereami to get absolute executable path (for passing to addr2line)
  • Disable plugins that fail to instantiate when loading projects
  • Skip MIDI events not 3 bytes long
  • Add glib log domain (so that G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=zrythm works)
  • Close RtMidi ports before attempting to open
  • Only send data to JACK ports if they have connections
  • Show warning when using JACK audio/MIDI backend with non-JACK audio/MIDI backend


  • Fix broken export/bounce (WAV and FLAC)
  • Fix FreeBSD build
  • Fix skipping setting of Carla engine options
  • Fix crash when deleting a newly created MIDI track on an empty project
  • Fix remembering position of divider between timeline and clip editor
  • Fix crash when deleting a MIDI FX slot on a MIDI track
  • Fix LV2 plugins not applying file selection changes
  • Fix crash when attempting to open automation tracklist on tracks without any automation tracks
  • Fix markers icon missing on Windows
  • Fix plugin creation action not remembering the number of plugins to create
  • Fix crash when dragging chords into invalid locations in the timeline
  • Fix all note ends becoming the same position when resizing MIDI notes
  • Fix not being able to resize MIDI note start positions beyond region start position when resizing from left side
  • Fix piano roll drum mode