Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.8.0.1 release

Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.8.0.1 has been released!

screenshot by openmastering - CC0

Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Moving region markers is now undoable


  • Do not attempt to draw regions if visible width is 0
  • Refactor each plugin action into a single mixer selections action
  • Refactor each track action into a single tracklist selections action
  • Add Arch Linux to exceptions in trademark policy


  • Fix automation region mute
  • Fix crash when cloning from insert into new track
  • Fix crash when moving two effects in the mixer and the new position overlaps one of them
  • Fix start/end markers being deletable
  • Fix right channel having lower volume after recording audio in mono
  • Fix crash when reaching transport loop end and metronome enabled
  • Fix crash when moving a plugin to a slot that has another plugin
  • Fix crash when deleting all visible tracks
  • Fix regions of hidden tracks being shown in the timeline
  • Fix crash when holding down ctrl-d for a long time