Zrythm only finds LV2 plugins on LInux (Arch Linux)

When I start Zrythm, only LV2 plugins show up on the right side panel. Neither VST2 nor VST3 are found by Zrythm. I tried both with trial version and my own compiled version (git version), but it seems has the same problem. Is it normal for now or am I missing something?

it should work with the trial or the paid binaries.
see https://manual.zrythm.org/en/plugins-files/plugins/scanning.html#vst2-vst3-scan for the scanning procedure.

try passing VST_PATH and VST3_PATH

I haved tried the method you mentioned, but it doesn’t work. I believe zrythm can find VST2 in the previous version. I could try to find that certain version if it is necessary.

NOTE: I have plugins in /usr/lib/vst/ and $HOME/.vst3

can you try with this and post the log (from the log file or console) after the plugins finish scanning?

Sadly, it still doesn’t works. There is log from my terminal.

I think zrythm need Carla to support vst2 and vst3 (correct me if l am wrong). I add three lines of code in plugin_manager.c

#ifndef HAVE_CARLA
printf (“no CARLA”);

I do get “no CARLA” output. Is that normal?

if you’re building from source, yes, you need latest Carla (from develop branch)

This is not the version I posted above: Zrythm-1.0.0-alpha.0.1.1-8-g20713e7c

I suspect you have multiple installations of Zrythm. Try running it from /usr/bin/zrythm_launch if you are using the installer, or zrythm_launch from the correct prefix if you are building it yourself

I suspect you have multiple installations of Zrythm.

You are right, sorry for that. I have updated my log file. Now It works successfully. Thanks a lot!

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