Bluetooth connection problem-project specific

I’m working on 3 projects in zrythm, which I installed with the most recent installer on ubuntu. After figuring out correct settings, all 3 worked great with bluetooth headphones. Now, one project specifically will not play through bluetooth, but the two other projects will. I’ve tried changing settings to play through internal speakers, closing and reopening the program and project, and about 1/2 the time sound will play through internal speakers and 1/2 the time it won’t. I’ve rebooted my entire system as well. I can change between internal speaker and bluetooth output in the other two projects without issue. Thoughts?

Can you please post a screenshot of the Zrythm window while playing back your project?

I got sound working in the project and I think it’s a system issue, actually. I’m pretty unfamiliar with ubuntu, so it’s almost definitely my fault, lol.

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