Cannot Install Zrythm

Hello. This DAW sounds and looks super interesting but unfortunately I cannot install it. I want to just test it out before I buy it but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m using the most recent free version. When I run the file it shows this

Proceed with the installation of Zrythm-trial v1.0.0.beta.4.13.31? (type Y or y): ./ 89: read: arg count

After that I can’t do anything.

Can you try replacing read -r in line 89 of with read REPLY and see if that works?

That fixed it, but the software doesn’t work. After trying to create a project it says it fails and will try to create a new one, then it closes.

That sounds like a bug, please report it on the issue tracker. See Reporting Bugs - Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.4.13.31 documentation for details