Carla Dependencies Error 404

I’ve been wanting to try and build Zrythm on my own on Windows 11 for a while now, and I was following along with the tutorial given on this website. In the first image, both of those Carla links do not work. In fact, they give this “404 Not Found” error when I click on them (image 2). Is there any way to fix this? Is this tutorial obsolete?

Yes. There is no other tutorial at the moment. Building on Windows is too messy and time consuming for me to bother but I will get to making a better tutorial eventually when higher priority things are done.

If you are a developer you could try to build each the dependencies yourself. Once you have the dependencies installed it shouldn’t be hard to build Zrythm, but the problem is building all the dependencies and making sure they run correctly on Windows - some need to be patched probably. MSYS2 packages help but the whole MSYS2 ecosystem is slow and painful to work with (not that the Windows dev ecosystem itself is much better…).

Zrythm installers are built with MSYS2: GitHub - zrythm/zrythm-installer: Various scripts used to create the Zrythm installers