Crash Report Crashing

Crash reports have crashed Zrythm several times, so I’ve been unable to submit them. The error thrown says that the character count has been exceeded, then the entire program is unresponsive, including the okay button on the error message. I assume this happens when the “Data” field in the auto-generated crash report exceeds the character limit.

I did try to use the ‘submit on gitlab’ option, but I’ll be totally honest: I’m super unfamiliar with git and couldn’t figure it out. I really like Zrythm and would love to help it keep developing!

Thanks for reporting it! This is a bug, so I created an issue in our bug tracker:

This issue will now be tracked there.

In the future, for in-app bugs please create issues on GitLab. You can login with the same account you use on this forum. I will add instructions on how to report bugs on GitLab in the user manual soon - I created another issue to remind me:

I can absolutely trim the string: does it matter where I cut it?

This is already fixed in the latest release