Difference between zrythm and LMMS

I am currently a LMMS user (and do some minor development there). I heard zrythm and am curious. Haven’t started using zrythm though. Can someone tell me similarities and differences between both.

Zrythm is (supposed to be - still no stable release) way more powerful. The goal is to be a full-fledged DAW and is already ahead of LMMS in terms of features. LMMS is more of a sequencer than a full DAW.


  • Good MIDI editing UI/UX and both focusing mainly on electronic music production
  • Both can record MIDI
  • Cross platform & free (libre) software


  • LMMS is heavily influenced by FL Studio while Zrythm is mostly influenced by Cubase and Bitwig
  • LMMS has more/better built-in plugins
  • LMMS is older and more stable vs Zrythm is new-ish and still in beta
  • Zrythm supports all major plugin formats (thanks to Carla) vs LMMS only supports VST2 and LADSPA
  • LMMS has no support for audio tracks or audio recording/editing vs Zrythm does
  • Zrythm allows region looping (the only libre DAW that has this AFAIK)
  • Zrythm has more modulation options (you can connect pretty much anything to anywhere)
  • Zrythm has opt-out plugin sandboxing so it won’t crash if a plugin crashes
  • Zrythm has chord assistance (chord track and chord pad) - the only libre DAW that has this AFAIK
  • LMMS has a better drum pattern editor
  • Zrythm is written in C vs LMMS is written in C++

In my opinion, LMMS is perfect for beginner producers, but it’s not good enough if you want a full DAW because it lacks features.

This is a terribly lazy question to ask. You should be reading documentation, trying thing out and as needed, and then asking specific questions.