High CPU with minimal plugs

First I want to express how enthusiastic I feel about this DAW. I think it is great and pretty logical so far and will continue to support it. When I am finished with a track and you would like to post it on the site, just let me know. I am happy to help!

While using it, if I happen to use Speedrum (because Geon Kick bugs and Microtonic is limited sometimes but works like a boss) with a Tracktion plugin (any) my CPU load shoots to 90% until I switch out Tracktion plugs for Surge XT at which I idle at 42%. I experimented without native plugs (that were already using yabridge) and native plugs and unless I use my hardware synths and mix in another DAW, I can barely use Zrythm (or become discouraged).

I am not sure if CARLA full time is a good idea since most on Linux use yabridge and I would like ot have the option to disable sandboxing just in case (which is a Waveform feature, my knowledge is clouded about Bitwig at the moment).

Ubuntu Studio 23.10 (Wayland)
128 (I always try different buffer settings) 48000 MOTU 1248,16A,24Ao
AMD 5900x OC and undervolted CPU Govener on performance
128GB Ram

You can disable sandboxing by right clicking on the plugin in the plugin browser and selecting the non-bridge option. Zrythm will remember your choice.