How to let MIDI content be played by fluidsynth?

Hello all,

I recently started using Zrythm a bit, but with time I wanted to play MIDI files. So I dragged them from the built-in explorer into the timeline and played. I heard nothing.
I am using PipeWire (JACK and JACK MIDI) in Zrythm. After some research, I found out that I should use external things like fluidsynth. I started fluidsynth as a “server” for ALSA and started aj2midi_bridge. Fluidsynth is not appearing in my MIDI device list, only “JACK/a2j:Midi Through [14] (capture): MIDI Through Port-0”.
I am still hearing nothing. Normal audio (e.g. just dragging an audio file in) works.
What did I wrong? Did I understand anything wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Only hardware MIDI devices are shown in the MIDI device list in Zrythm. If you want to make connections to other software you should do that manually (and Zrythm won’t remember them).

This seems like a roundabout way of doing things though, if you want your MIDI to be played by Zrythm you need an instrument track. Create an instrument track and then drag your MIDI files into that track. Alternatively, create an instrument track and then route the existing MIDI tracks to it.

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Sounds logical to me, thanks!

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