How to select one instrument from a soundfont bank?

So I have some soundfont banks on my computer. How do I select the instrument from the soundfont after I dragged the sf2 into the tracklist?
Until now, I just opened polyphone and exported every instrument from the soundfont into a folder as sfz and set that folder (which then contains all instruments from one soundfont) as SFZ path. But that feels wrong.

I am sure there is a better way I can do this. Is it?

It’s not possible currently with Zrythm alone, but you could use a soundfont-hosting plugin like sfizz instead of loading soundfonts directly in Zrythm.

My issue with sfizz is that is seems to require zenity. However, I installed everything (sfizz and Zrythm) using flatpak. I didn’t find any zenity runtime (or whatever) in flatpak.

EDIT: It seems like Ardour provides zenity in its package, see for details. So it would be nice to have zenity in the Zrythm flatpak package too.

Why not decent sampler?

For example?
I installed sfizz and as described above, it does not work.
It would be nice that if you’d recommend something, that thing is installable via flatpak (org.freedesktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins.whatever).

This might be useful for sfz

I already used Polyphone to extract sfz files from one soundfont (sf2) file.
The only problem with this method is that I could only use one soundfont or I would spam my plugins and would forget which instrument (with probably same name) comes from which soundfont…

But it would be cool if we could select multiple plugins at once and then create a collection of all selected plugins. Or am I stupid and there is a way to do that?
Because if so, I could create a collection for each soundfont…