Is there a way to stretch audio?

I imported a 100bpm audio clip into a 140 bpm project, and then edited the transport bpm to 100, which made the clip play much slower (71.4% speed, I guess). This is pretty awesome, 'cause I guess that there’s some kind of timestretching happening, since the pitch didn’t drop? Are you using librubberband, or something custom?

Anyway, once I re-set the transport bpm, there didn’t seem to be a way to re-stretch the audio clip back to it’s native tempo. I managed to do it by editing the zpj direction (I LOVE that you’re using YAML for this, it’s awesome), but I was wondering if there’s already something in the UI for this that I’m missing, or if there’s plans to implement it soon?

using rubberband for that, and this behavior can be toggled on/off with the “musical mode” button above the timeline

time stretch is already on the TODO list, and I plan to do it soon. there’s a “stretch tool” already that will be used for this but it doesn’t do anything special atm. if you click the select tool in the top toolbar (or press 1 twice) it’s supposed to toggle between normal select and stretch-select mode. when stretch-select mode is on, regions (including midi and automation regions) will be stretched when you resize them

OK, sounds good. If I understand correctly, the stretch tool doesn’t actually work yet at all? No dramas.

I’m seeing some segfaults when I trim audio and then try and manipulate parts sometimes. Would it be useful to submit bug reports for that kind of thing yet, or would it be better to wait until it’s a bit more stable first?

audio editing is the least developed/tested part of Zrythm at the moment so it’s expected to be unstable, but please do report any bugs you find - those logs and backtraces that get sent with crash reports help a lot and save us time (along with steps to reproduce if possible)

I added experimental audio stretching with the stretch tool (also MIDI stretching) in git. Will need many improvements in the future, but it seems to do the basic job for now.

This will be included in the next release for testing.

Awwwwesome. This is the biggest feature for me - been missing it in ardour for years. I don’t care in the slightest about quality - rubberband is definitely good enough. But just being able to tweak times is awesome. I look forward to beta testing it :slight_smile: