macOS: Crash on launch

Hi there, I just wanted to give this tool a test, but sadly it does not launch projects on macOS. Neither blank, nor the example one.

In the logs, it looks like this:

zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_parse_plugin_info:227): 1 descriptors found for 36
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (zrythm_app_set_progress_status:600): Scanned AU plugin: AUSoundFieldPanner
(zrythm:39492): zrythm-DEBUG: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_create_au_descriptor_from_string:413): creating AU descriptor for 37
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_parse_plugin_info:227): 1 descriptors found for 37
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (zrythm_app_set_progress_status:600): Scanned AU plugin: HRTFPanner
(zrythm:39492): zrythm-DEBUG: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_create_au_descriptor_from_string:413): creating AU descriptor for 38
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_parse_plugin_info:227): 1 descriptors found for 38
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (zrythm_app_set_progress_status:600): Scanned AU plugin: AUSphericalHeadPanner
(zrythm:39492): zrythm-DEBUG: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_create_au_descriptor_from_string:413): creating AU descriptor for 39
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (z_carla_discovery_parse_plugin_info:227): 1 descriptors found for 39
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (zrythm_app_set_progress_status:600): Scanned AU plugin: AUVectorPanner
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (plugin_manager_scan_plugins:1477): plugin_manager_scan_plugins: 81 Plugins scanned.
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (init_thread:479): done
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (on_prompt_for_project:530): prompting for project...
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.249: (zrythm_app_set_progress_status:600): Waiting for project
zrythm-Message: 10:33:33.294: (on_prompt_for_project:583): done
(zrythm:39492): Gtk-DEBUG: 10:33:37.315: (hostname_proxy_new_cb:3686): Failed to create D-Bus proxy: Could not connect: No such file or directory

Running 14.0 (23A344) on a M2 Mac mini
Running 1.0.0-beta.4.13.31

Thanks for reporting it, however there is not enough info in the log. A crash dump would likely be more helpful.

Also, the Mac binaries are built only for intel processors so this could be something wrong with Rosetta. Still waiting for GitHub actions to add an M1 runner so we can have M1 builds too…

nice to meet you. I am Japanese. I’m sorry for the poor English nuances since I’m using Google Translate. I purchased Zrythm yesterday. The version is 1.0, Beta 4.13.31. Mac OS Big Sur 11.7.10 Intel. I immediately opened Zrythm and loaded the demo song, but when I pressed the play button, nothing happened. I can’t play the song. I really like Zrythm’s GUI and would love to try using it. Is there any solution? I’m not familiar with GitHub. I usually use Pro Tools Ultimate, but I’m not interested in Pro Tools anymore. I’m tired of Pro Tools. I want to use Zrythm!

Hello, I am a high school student in Japan.

I am also using M1Mac. I couldn’t build it either.

I would like you to hear my theory about macOS crashes.
First of all, whether you Build or unpackaged and extracted, some of the essential libraries such as LibCyaml may not be extracted correctly. On top of that, I think there may be compatibility issues with IntelCPUs, so I’d like you to check.


Thanks for purchasing Zrythm! This sounds like a bug, please report it on our issue tracker. See here for details: Reporting Bugs - Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.4.13.31 ドキュメント

Please mention what audio/MIDI backend you are using in the bug report

Thanks for trying Zrythm! The provided binaries are only for Intel Macs at the moment. We are waiting for GitHub to release M1 runners so we can build M1 binaries too. I see that GitHub released M1 runners recently but only for paid users:

I suggest to wait until we release M1 binaries. You can try to build Zrythm yourself if you know how to build software.

This problem is tracked here: [MacOS] App crashes on project creation (#4956) · Issues · Zrythm / zrythm · GitLab

I paid and bought Zrythm. I’m not familiar with Mac systems. I’m a musician and producer. I have the skills as a musician and don’t feel the need to learn more about the system. The system is for you, the Zrythm developer team, to learn, not for me. How can I run Zrythm on Mac Intel? Are you selling a product that is still under development? Do you do that?

This is a bug and will be fixed eventually. You can either wait or request a refund (please reply to the purchase receipt email for a refund).
Intel Macは対応していますが上記は不具合のようです。修正されるまでお待ちください。返金希望の場合は購入時のメールに返信していただき、その旨をお伝えください。

Yes, Zrythm is in beta. There is no stable release yet.