New here ! and windows discussion

hi there ,
I discovered this software a little while ago and I have to admit that it’s a blast.

in any case you have a new Backer on

Well, what I’m saying may have already been applied, but I couldn’t find any issue or project section on github,
I was wondering, the windows version seems particularly unstable crash takes a long time to launch a play.
Given that the vast majority of music made via DAWs is on windows, mainly because of the vsts available only on windows (kontakt player for example).
Wouldn’t it be interesting to prioritize dev / stability on Windows?

Hi, welcome and thanks for becoming a backer!

GitHub is just a mirror, we use Issues · Zrythm / zrythm · GitLab for issue tracking. Please report issues there with as many details as you can.

It’s hard to find the cause without details and steps to reproduce. Please create an issue on GitLab and explain what is happening.

GNU/Linux support is our top priority but yes, Windows stability is important too. That said, it’s hard to track down bugs on Windows and Windows users generally don’t stick around to help debug things. The best thing you can do is create an issue on GitLab and explain the problem and provide as many details as possible. If it’s a critical bug, fixing it will be high priority.

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