No audio inputs?

Hi. Im new to Zrythm and I’m just trying to get my microphone setup to record. I went into preferences but Zrythm can’t seem to find my microphone. Perhaps this has to do with the fact I’m not using an interface? I’m just using a USB microphone. Or maybe I’m simply just looking in the wrong place. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Perhaps this is implemented wrongly… I think it only checks for input audio ports on the selected device (in this case your headphones). Most people either:

  • have a USB interface
  • haven’t tried recording with a separate device
  • use JACK (there is no device selection)

so this issue hasn’t been brought up until now.

I guess I should rename RtAudio device to “RtAudio Output Device” and show audio inputs from all detected devices.

Made an issue to track this: audio engine: cannot select input audio ports from different device (#5033) · Issues · Zrythm / zrythm · GitLab

BTW it doesn’t even show me inputs for my USB interface either so it’s definitely some kind of bug.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for replying and adding the issue to the GitLab. Cant wait for this to be fixed eventually, itll make Zrythm accesible to many more people and just easier to use in general

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