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Hi, Alex! (Seeing as you seem to be responding to everyone yourself I thought I might as well address you personally.) I was super impressed with the video’s showcasing zrythm that I could find on youtube and wanted to give it a try.

I am having some dependency issues when trying to install the AUR packages zrythm & zrythm-git. The installation issue arises with the requirement of -git packages.

Depends: gtk4-git (and zix)

Paru refuses to replace gtk4 with gtk4-git as it will break many dependencies.
(As I have a few applications built on gtk4 this makes sense)

Depends: zix-git (and gtk4)

Paru refuses to replace zix with zix-git as sord depends on zix.
lilv depends on sord and pipewire-audio depends on lilv.

I am an amateur programmer and still relatively new to linux so please bear with my idiocy. I understand that the solution to this may be some simple linux-fu that I should know. So I tried to scour the internet for solutions before posting my question here. Unfortunately, after a day I have turned up empty handed.

I would like to try and get zrythm-git working as this looks like a project I could have a lot of passion for and would be happy to contribute in any way a broke college student can.

Many thanks in advance.

The AUR package is packaged by the community and probably has many issues.

zix-git is not really needed. Latest zix is fine. Alternatively you can use the subproject that zrythm provides with -Dforce_fallback_for=zix

Zrythm however depends on relatively new GTK4 and libadwaita development releases (unstable so they are not packaged in distros). Since you don’t want them to clash with the system gtk4/libadwaita, the best way to handle this is to install Zrythm in a custom prefix, and install all the custom libraries it needs there (something like --prefix=/opt/zrythm-git and -Dforce_fallback_for=gtk4,libadwaita). This is similar to what I use for development. Here is my configuration command for reference (you probably don’t need most of those options):

meson setup build --pkg-config-path=/home/alex/local/lib/pkgconfig -Dprefix=~/local -Db_lto=false -Dnative_build=true -Dstrict_flags=true -Ddebug=true -Doptimization=0 -Dcarla=enabled -Dtests=true -Dopus=true -Dguile_snarf_docs_path= -Dguile=enabled -Dextra_debug_info=true -Dstatic_deps=false -Dcheck_updates=true -Dvalgrind=enabled -Drtaudio=enabled -Drtmidi=enabled -Dforce_fallback_for=gtk4,libadwaita,libpanel,xxhash,libcyaml,pangoft2,json-glib,gtksourceview5,rtmidi,rtaudio,zstd,pcre,pcre2,libsndfile,libsoxr,yyjson

Alternatively I’m looking into making it possible to build Zrythm as a Flatpak from source using GNOME Builder, that should be easier to build because you don’t need to care about the dependencies.

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