Surge XT not recognized by Zrythm

So I installed Zrythm and Surge XT Synthesizer + Stochas from flatpak. In both plugins (Surge and Stochas) I installed the extra addon to get the CLAP / VST3.
Both Stochas and Surge aren’t appearing in the Plugin Browser (and yes, I reset all selections). However, Surge XT Effects are appearing in the matching menu.
I also started Zrythm via command-line (flatpak) and found out that Surge seems to be recognized (I can see add_category_and_author: Surge Synth Team), but Stochas isn’t recognized.
ZynAddSubFX works well via VST, but doesn’t work via LV2.

Any ideas?

Please report this as a bug in the issue tracker with as many details as possible to reproduce. See Reporting Bugs - Zrythm 1.0.0-rc.1 documentation

I looked into the issue tracker and it seems like someone already experienced this issue. Both Surge and Stochas are CLAP or VST3, and the issue describes exactly that.
However, that issue is closed, and the method to solve it seemed rather like being a workaround (reset-to factory maybe). I reset the settings, still not working. I will report it now.