Zrythm appimage file?

Is there a appimage file for this software? I’ve tried to install it on two different Linux computers but it wont launch. After I click on it nothing happens. I figure if I could run an appimage file it would allow me to see what is happening.

I’ve seen other people talking about running an appimage file but cant find it myself.

There is no AppImage provided anymore because the universal installer accomplishes the same thing with less middleware.

Please provide more information. What exact distros have you tried? What error are you getting?

If you installed Zrythm using the official installer, you can run this from the terminal:

/opt/zrythm-<YOUR ZRYTHM VERSION>/bin/zrythm_launch

Please run that and post the output

Thanks Alex. Running the file does pretty much the same thing as I was looking for. Here is the error I get as well as the full output (in the link).

dirname: missing operand

version `GLIBC_2.28' not found

What distro is this? The binaries are built on Ubuntu 20.04. If your distro has an older libc than that then the binaries won’t work. You’d have to build Zrythm yourself in that case.