Zrythm Isn't Opening

I try to open it, but it sort of hangs. When I open Resource Monitor, I notice that Zrythm stops loading and when I analyze wait chain, the app is always waiting for I think dwm.exe. What should I do?

The log would be helpful: Files and Directories - Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.6.2.1 documentation

I looked in the appropriate user folder but cannot find the Zrythm subfolder. I looked in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder and everything. There is no log. So, does my laptop just not like Zrythm?

Did you specify a different directory during initial setup? If not and that if that directory doesn’t exist, then it means Zrythm dies before it even attempts to write to the log file, which is hard to debug.

Can you please try this? Reporting Bugs - Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.6.2.1 documentation

Where it says “Then, run Zrythm and make it crash”, it means run zrythm_debug_gdb.exe in C/Program Files/Zrythm/bin

I ran that file and still it did nothing, can’t find any log files. What am I doing wrong?

Did you follow all the steps in the link I posted?

I tried it again, couldn’t run that Dr. Ming app because “The system cannot find the path specified” so I might have a bad install.

Wait wait finally figured out the Dr. Ming problem. My path was Zrythm-trial for some reason. I wanted to just get the free version. Weird. Where is the download for the freeware version? Or is that the new Zrythm path?

Tried ending process using Resource Monitor after installing Dr. Ming and running the debugger file. Dr. Ming did not give me any log at all. Is there anything else I missed?

The path for the free (not from accounts.zrythm.org) version is Zrythm-trial.

Ah sorry… If Zrythm hangs then this is not going to work. DrMingw only helpful for crashes.

If you’re willing to debug this more, you could try loading zrythm_debug_vs.exe (something like this, I forgot the exact filename) inside Visual Studio then run it in debug mode then when it hangs press the pause button and it should show a backtrace in visual studio of which function it gets stuck in.